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The Occupancy Forecast

I would have left $3000.00 on the table.

With this chart I created, I was able to identify five dates where I was underpriced.

Yellow line is my listed price for the dates below (X axis), blue line is the median booked price of my competition, orange line is the 75th percentile listed price of my competition(all primary Y axis). The green line is the gap between current occupancy of any date this year, vs the final occupancy of the same date last year(secondary Y axis). The green line is the secret sauce, you can start to predict how many more bookings are going to come in. This is the crystal ball to upping, reducing or holding your price. Anytime those green lines spike is opportunity for us to get a booking and you should be adjusting your price to maximize revenue. Based on this data, I quickly identified 5 sets of dates that I needed to investigate.

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